Peninsula: My Saviour; Banyan Tree: Disaster

So I decided to try out the new Banyan Tree on the Bund on my last trip to Shanghai. They had recently opened. I stayed with them for two weeks. Two horrible weeks. Only then did I finally relocate to an always perfect option…the Peninsula.

The Banyan Tree on the Bund website looked great; amazing service…hmm. amazing  spa treatment ; no way( and I am an expert); our Suite was so badly finished that every time we took a shower the water would overflow and flood. We came back to our Suite one evening only to find a greasy, empty, box of chocolates…I won’t  bore you will all the disasters which took place but I stayed for two weeks hoping that things would change as they had recently opened. Oh, I forgot to mention the huge spider floating in the pool one morning. I spoke to managers and directors at the highest corporate level and understood very quickly why this was a hotel group I would do my utmost to avoid in the future.  Anyway, I finally had had enough and moved to a hotel chain I know well….the Peninsula. My saviour. Bliss every time….Shanghai ended well. Thank Goodness.


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