MKB: The Company Experience

MKB Experience was founded by Milancia Kalley-Barazany to offer distinctive and tailor made Marketing and  Branding solutions to the most demanding corporations and discerning individuals.

The biggest challenge facing a luxury brand today is devising a strategy that can cope with the extremes of the modern luxury marketplace.Our expertise and global network  in the luxury and lifestyle industries allows us to offer the most exclusive solutions globally thus ensuring our valued clients find elegant, efficient and valuable solutions able to differentiate them from their competitors from both an image and results point of view.

The firm is divided into two main departments:

PREMIUM BUSINESS CONSULTING: Assisting and advising leading and emerging luxury & lifestyle brands in their marketing, communications and their development.

PRESTIGE LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT: Specializing in creating unique, couture experiences for the most discerning clients.


In today’s increasingly volatile environment, it is a real challenge to remain a true luxury brand. One must design and stage differentiated and unique experiences for sophisticated customers who are increasingly spoilt for choice. At MKB Experience, we have an expert team when it comes to marketing communications and experience creation and we possess the knowledge, skills, and network required to make a difference.

Our Values:

We are entrepreneurial and flexible .
We take ownership. We “can’t” is not in our vocabulary
Our relationships with each other and our clients are long-term and based on trust.
We are resourceful and imaginative.
We have high expectations of ourselves and of each other.

We have diverse interests and strengths– and we use them together to our advantage.

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